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Ticor Escrow 


Ticor Escrow has over 25 years of escrow experience in Washington State. This transparent, seamless service is designed exclusively to help MLS4owners customers (unrepresented sellers) through the closing process without additional fees and delays.

Using Ticor Escrow can help you avoid these pitfalls: MLS4owners is not an agent to the seller and is not a party to your transaction. Title and escrow companies (many are owned by real estate companies) and lenders do not know or understand the customer, non-agency relationship you have with MLS4owners.com. These companies are not set up to work with consumers directly. Over the years many of our customers have unpleasant experiences with various escrow companies because of their broker-centric practices such as (a) charging additional miscellaneous escrow fees to unrepresented sellers;(b) commission checks issued in error to MLS4owners; (c) delayed closings because escrow is waiting for federal FHA lending forms to be signed by MLS4owners.



To protect the seller’s interest and have a more pleasant closing experience Ticor Escrow will:

 1. Set up escrow as an unrepresented seller.

 2. Review your title report. 

 3. Disclose current Washington escrow rates on our website. 

 4. Will notify MLS4owners of transaction closing to timely update the MLS database to eliminate the risk of MLS fines.

 5. Verify commissions paid to buyer’s agent are correct amount from the Service Agreement.

 6.  Disclose to brokers in MLS database that seller will close with Ticor Title & Escrow.


For concerns on how title and escrow affect your MLS listing, please call 253-460-1900. 

**Ticor Title & Escrow services are optional and are not mandatory to list with MLS4owners.com.



For any title & escrow questions contact:

Ticor Title & Escrow :  Teresa Nye   253-244-1680

Closings:  TeamJen@Ticortitle.com 253-620-1396       



Ticor Title Insurance  



MLS rules require every listing to contain a legal description (often referred to as vesting deed, Exhibit A, from a commitment for preliminary title). Without a legal description attached to your sales contract, you do not have a binding contract in the state of Washington. Also, many real estate brokers will not show or write a purchase and sale agreement without reviewing your commitment for preliminary title. Seller understands, without your title report attached to MLS listing their listing is at a disadvantage to other competing listings. Unless Seller orders their own commitment for preliminary title and sends the legal description to MLS4owners prior to listing activation, MLS4owners will:


1. Order a commitment for preliminary title from a Washington State Title Insurance Agency.

2. Upload the vesting deed as your legal description.

3. Upload your title report into the MLS data base for brokers to review.

4. Provide statewide form 22T used to remove title insurance contingencies from purchase and sale agreements.

5. Send you a copy of your title report for your review by email and issue a Courtesy Title Review.


MLS4owners fee for performing this service is $75. This service fee does not affect your cost of title insurance, and is NOT credited to the eventual cost of title insurance. 



Any questions on how Title Insurance and Closing Services affect your MLS listing please call: