When you list with MLS4owners we will syndicate your listing to hundreds of local and national real estate websites used by 90% of consumers looking to purchase a home in today's market.


According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) more and more sellers are choosing to sell their homes on their own using Flat Fee Services. The number of homes being sold with Flat Fee MLS programs rather than a traditional broker grew 30% in 2012. These homes represented 12% of all existing homes sales (up from 10% in 2012). 


After your Listing on MLS4owners.net and Purchase:

1. You’ll be contacted by email by your local MLS broker with further instructions to setup your MLS listing. Please check your inbox (and SPAM/Junk folder) for the email. If your order was placed on the weekend, expect to be contacted on Monday.

2. You'll complete the required local MLS listing contracts and listing input data sheets.

3. Allow 1 business day for the local broker to complete your listing once they've received all your listing information.

4. Once completed, your broker will email you with a copy of the listing. Please review your listing carefully to make sure its correct.

5. Allow 1 to 3 days for your property to update on MLS syndicated real estate websites. Some websites update faster than others, so please be patient.